Morning Mix-up - The PowerPuff Girls

Morning Mix-up - The PowerPuff Girls

About game «Morning Mix-up - The PowerPuff Girls»

One scientist invented a way to help make every character happy. As it turned out, everything is so elementary that it’s even strange why no one had thought of this before. In order for the hero to start to rejoice, it is enough for him to provide a few simple services, for example, wash, change clothes, help brush his teeth, and so on. A certain time is allocated for the process, shown at the top of the screen, but as soon as you cope with the task, making one character happy, you will get additional seconds to the timer. How to work here? Initially, just look at the screen, noting which icons are highlighted there and in what sequence. For example, now a hairdryer, a comb and a T-shirt are lit up, which means that in the same sequence you click on the same icons at the bottom of the screen.

Watch how to play: