Morning Mayhem - Powerpuff Girls

Morning Mayhem - Powerpuff Girls

About game «Morning Mayhem - Powerpuff Girls»

You need to go somewhere almost every day, whether to school, or to work, or for other matters. Before going outside, you need to gather yourself, starting with washing your face and choosing clothes that are appropriate for a particular occasion. So, in the game Morning Mayhem - Powerpuff Girls, all the characters that appear in the room should be prepared for the release. This should be done so that they can go about their business, otherwise they will not be able to leave the house, since those around them will not understand people in pajamas walking down the street. Try to tidy up each of the heroes so that you can let them out of the room with peace of mind. There is a timer that fixes the time it takes to collect and send as many characters as possible. With the appearance of a hero, an object is periodically highlighted, for example, a hairdryer, a toothbrush, a comb, etc., and at the bottom there is a panel where these objects are also there, but they must be pressed at the appropriate moment.

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