Monster Truck Stunt Driving Simulation

Monster Truck Stunt Driving Simulation

About game «Monster Truck Stunt Driving Simulation»

Today our task will be to conquer Monster Truck. Our developers have already prepared for you exquisite and colorful tracks on which you will move in the game Monster Truck Stunt Driving Simulation. Remember that you are in the game, so there are no traffic rules. You can break anything you want. The main thing is to enjoy the ride and feel real pleasure. When moving along the route, do not forget about checkpoints. If something suddenly happens to your vehicle, you will be able to continue the game from the checkpoint where you last passed. Also, while driving, perform various tricks to get extra points and bonuses. Try to impress the audience, because we all love extreme sports, and no one is interested in just watching a driver who honestly rides on the road. Do the most unexpected things, break the rules and roll over in the air! Good luck!

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