Momo Horror Story

Momo Horror Story

About game «Momo Horror Story»

You probably found out about who or what we are talking about, because it is not for nothing that the main screen saver of the Momo Horror Story game depicts a creature with chicken legs and a female head. Yes, it is she, or it, the character who calls the phone or sends ominous messages about the imminent death of the subscriber. We hope you will not receive such a message, and if it does come in one of these games, you can always use the experience gained in this horror. Everything begins as usual, the hero of the game was sitting at the computer, when suddenly his phone made a sound, which meant that a message with a terrible text had come to his phone, which said about his imminent death. What to do in this case? Maybe delete the message and not pay attention to it? But then why did the lights go out?

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