Mojo Mayhem - The PowerPuff Girls

Mojo Mayhem - The PowerPuff Girls

About game «Mojo Mayhem - The PowerPuff Girls»

More recently, the cunning chimpanzee Mojo Dojo created, together with the Professor (being an assistant to the latter), a team of superbeauties: Pestle, Flower and Bubble. Now the girls and the scientist chimpanzee are enemies, and he wants to destroy the cuties. Mojo owns some new secret and super-powerful laser, which he plans to eliminate the fashionistas. All three beauties rush to meet the primate, and you must help them avoid all the tricks and tricks of the Dojo. Be careful, because obstacles and traps will appear on the screen as if by magic. All three Powerpuff Girls fly towards danger, knowing full well that the chimpanzee can destroy them with a laser at any moment. All actions are carried out with the mouse. In order to quickly and efficiently bypass obstacles and tricks, you need to separate the heroines on time and competently.

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