Mission to Monte Macabre - Victor and Valentino

Mission to Monte Macabre - Victor and Valentino

About game «Mission to Monte Macabre - Victor and Valentino»

Mission to Monte Macabre - Victor and Valentino is a series of arcade mini-games. Now, together with brothers Victor and Valentino, you will explore their hometown of Monte Macabre and the amazing other world. You choose where to start! Five fun mini-games await you ahead: escape from the underworld, entity catcher, smash piñata, cleaning competition and taco time. Guys, judging by the names, it is clear that there is a lot of work ahead of you. But together with Victor and Valentino it will not be a burden, but a joy. On the first level, you have to escape from the mystical afterlife. Choose Victor or Valentino for this difficult mission and race as fast as you can. Next, you will catch the spirits and entities that have come to Monte Macabre. Be careful and catch only creatures from the other world, and people should not be touched. Then you will have a lot of fun with piñata, a funny cleaning competition and a taco sale. Only true adventurers can handle these tasks. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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