Minecraft Remake

Minecraft Remake

About game «Minecraft Remake»

We are happy to invite all players who treat themselves as lovers of the Minecraft games, this time you will have a journey into the universe of square objects. For adventures, we have prepared for you a new part of the application, that is, Minecraft Remake, to which anyone can join. And if you have not been here yet, then be sure to stop by and find out why this toy is so popular, maybe you are a new fan of this universe? It's good that the main character hasn't been changed, Steve is back with us and now you will do the same as always, namely, explore, mine, fight and build, in addition, do not forget about complete freedom of action and the world itself, you can choose any point of the given world and there to build a dwelling for yourself, or build a fortress, from where it will be possible to shoot enemies, and inside to carve the land into a vegetable garden and grow vegetables and fruits for their needs.

Watch how to play: