Minecraft Earth Survival

Minecraft Earth Survival

About game «Minecraft Earth Survival»

Minecraft: Earth Survival is a fun arcade game suitable for players of all ages. You play the main character of the Minecraft world named Steve. You must help him stay alive as long as possible. Run and avoid green meteorites falling to the ground. There will be a red mushroom running in front of you, which you need to get to win. Also, getting a mushroom destroys all meteorites on the game screen. How to play? Run back and forth around the globe. The mushroom will constantly run away from you, which means you need to catch up with it. Run and watch the falling meteorites, the mushroom will destroy them. But beware of those that can land on your hero's head, in which case you will lose and you will not be able to survive. Play and have fun playing. What is the maximum number of points you can score? Let's check!

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