Microsoft Minesweeper

Microsoft Minesweeper

About game «Microsoft Minesweeper»

Play the well-known logic game that has been one of the most prominent features of Windows for more than two decades, but has now been reinvented. Play the famous and favorite logic game Microsoft Minesweeper, now with upgraded graphics and music. Begin with a simple level of complexity and work your way up to an expert. Microsoft Minesweeper is a cool free online version of one of the most well-known PC games in which you have to detect all the bombs on a playing field. You win if you open all safe cells, and lose if you hit a mine. Uncover empty squares while avoiding mines as soon as possible. You win if you open all the safe cells, and you lose if you activate the mine. Every number shows you how many bombs touch that cell. Rely on this data to determine which adjacent squares can be safely revealed. A bomb counter shows you how many bombs are still on the field, and a timer keeps track of how many seconds it takes you to cleanse the board.

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