Miami Taxi Driver 3D

Miami Taxi Driver 3D

About game «Miami Taxi Driver 3D»

In this game you will be transported to the warm coast of the big city of Miami, where you can try yourself as a taxi driver. You will need to fulfill a lot of orders throughout the city, picking up passengers and delivering them to their destination as quickly as possible. So that you do not have to personally search for a passenger throughout the city, you will be accompanied by a blue pointer and markers on the map that will show you where to park. The faster and better you do your job, the greater the reward will be. Also, for the proceeds you can buy new cars that are presented for you in the store. In total, there are 3 machines for your choice, which have a pretty decent price, so at first you will have to work on a standard machine. There are 12 levels in the game, during which you will travel around the city and visit all its corners. So get ready to work on Miami's hot coastline!

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