Mega City Missions

Mega City Missions

About game «Mega City Missions»

Recently, the character of the game became a resident of one of the megalopolises of America, where he became seriously interested in street racing. The guy dreams of becoming a famous and mega-cool racer. If you know how to help him in this, then do not miss the opportunity to make the guy's dream come true. If you enter the garage by clicking on the icon located in the lower right part of the screen, you will be able to view all the options for cars available in the game, as well as get acquainted with the prices of some of them. First, you should choose a car that is available for free. Next, go to the choice of one of the two game modes. It can be free riding with a career mode, or racing. In each of the game modes you will also be asked to indicate how many players take part in the game (1 or 2). Having decided on the mode and the number of players, go to the game.

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