Lion Hunting 3D

Lion Hunting 3D

About game «Lion Hunting 3D»

A flock of lions has settled in a picturesque area near the village. They constantly kidnap pets and have recently begun to attack people. These animals are very dangerous, as they attack from different directions. You, as an experienced hunter, decided to get down to business and exterminate the predators. Look around and when you notice an approaching lion, open fire to kill. But be careful, on the other hand, his congener may immediately attack. Online game Lion Hunting 3D invites brave hunters who dare to face one of the fiercest predators to go on a safari. You will receive instructions in the game from the gamekeeper. Imagine this is a knockout competition. In other words, in order to get to the next level and lead the hunt, you need to cope with all the tasks. Have much fun and good luck!

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