Legendary Relics - Guardians of the Galaxy

Legendary Relics - Guardians of the Galaxy

About game «Legendary Relics - Guardians of the Galaxy»

Together with the other Guardians of the Galaxy, you embark on a cosmic journey through the universe to return the lost relics to the Collector. The path is long and full of dangers. Your shuttle flies at high speed, and on the way you will constantly come across obstacles that you need to fly around. In addition, you can collect bonus coins that will allow you to get significantly closer to the relics. When the ship is on the next planet, you will have to help other Guardians solve puzzles that will help you get the relics. The cosmos calls you on a long and risky journey in order to open and return the lost (seemingly forever) relics to the Collector. You will have to fly with the Guardians of the Galaxy and help them solve puzzles. Use the keyboard or mouse to control obstacles, rebuilding with Milano.

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