King of Drag

King of Drag

About game «King of Drag»

Become the true King of Drag race in King of Drag! The fastest cars participate in these races, there is no need to turn, all that is required to win is to go as fast as possible. To win, it is enough to switch gears in a timely manner if you see that the tachometer needle is close to the red zone. To hit the gas press space, to switch gears use up and down arrows. Step on the gas, overtake your rival and become the winner in high-speed races. This game is just incredible, because it gives you a perfect opportunity to see how different gears operate in the car driving process. Sometimes it is not easy to learn them all at once, so it is better to start from your very childhood. Then when you grow up, it will be easier for you to get the hang of the real car. We promise you will like the game!

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