Killer City

Killer City

About game «Killer City»

Remember Stickman? Yes, this is the same man who came to life from children's drawings and leads an active life on paper. His body consists of sticks and a circle, which is why his name is Stickman. One day he woke up and could not recognize the world around him. Everything has changed a lot. It became very dangerous to be in the city. But to fully understand the situation, it is better to download the game Killer City and go out with Stickman on the streets of the city, and you will see everything for yourself. It seems that the killers are waiting for our hero in every corner. It became dangerous to drive, walk on sidewalks and even visit unfamiliar places. Your mission in the game will be to collect as many coins. They are in green packages, which our developers have hidden in various parts of the city. But beware of criminals who can attack you at any time! Grab the bat and defend yourself!

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