Kill The Zombies

Kill The Zombies

About game «Kill The Zombies»

Before you even have time to walk a few steps in the virtual game Kill The Zombies, a big group of monsters will surround you from all sides. Turn on your axis to kill them in hand-to-hand fighting. The game keeps track of the enemies you eliminated. When it reaches high amount, the next, even more exciting stage of the game will be available. Eliminate monsters on the city streets to secure its citizens from mortal hazard. In this game you have an extremely responsible mission, so you must realize that the whole population hopes you will save them. The whole world is struggling to live a happy and secure life, but when zombies are all over our planet, we cannot enjoy our life to the fullest. We are in constant fear that somebody can kill us. Please help us and make our life great again! Have fun!

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