Jump Jousts - Teen Titans Go!

Jump Jousts - Teen Titans Go!

About game «Jump Jousts - Teen Titans Go!»

The main characters of the game Jump Jousts - Teen Titans Go! decided to practice with each other, comparing whose abilities are better developed. In addition to endless battles with enemies, there should be time to improve their own fighting skills, so the heroes are going to now show what they are capable of during the usual friendly sparring. True, the guys will appear in a somewhat non-standard way, they will reincarnate in mini-copies of themselves, outwardly more reminiscent of funny, but strong toys. The character selection system and interface will remind Mortal Kombat, but a light version of this fighting game, and not so bloodthirsty. Fight the AI or invite a friend with whom you measure your strength and show who is in charge here. Choose a mode: battle against the computer or 1v1 with a friend, and the third mode will be unlocked later. Choose the one who impresses you the most from the five characters.

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