Among Us - Impostor

Among Us - Impostor

About game «Among Us - Impostor»

You are probably already very familiar with the game of Among Us. Among Us - Impostor is an identical game, but in it you always play the role of an impostor. We know that many players have always dreamed of such a feature. The essence of the game itself has not changed. You will find yourself in a spaceship that travels through boundless space. There are many characters on the ship, and you are an impostor among them. Try not to immediately reveal who you are. All other team members will scatter throughout the ship to complete their tasks. Your task is to kill them all and then you will become the winner. But try not to do it in front of others. Make sure no one is in that room at the time of the murder. Also, to dispel suspicions, you can announce that you saw the corpse. And then everyone will think it's not you who killed a team member.

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