Imposter Space Puzzle

Imposter Space Puzzle

About game «Imposter Space Puzzle»

Welcome to Imposter Space Puzzle game! Here you will find a collection of puzzles with images of the funniest characters "Among Us". These guys regularly fight for survival and power on the ship. And in space conditions it is quite difficult. Especially when you consider that you can only be in the role of a peaceful crew member or a traitor. Crew members need to complete all sorts of tasks, prevent disasters on the ship and look for traitors. But the imposters will commit atrocities and sabotage the ship, as well as kill the crew. In Imposter Space Puzzle you have to collect twelve puzzles with the coolest characters. There will be many funny astronauts: a policeman, an angel, a wizard, Santa Claus, an ancient warrior, a demon, and even an astronaut with a pumpkin on his head. You will assemble each picture in turn, starting with the first puzzle.

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