Iceland Limo Taxi

Iceland Limo Taxi

About game «Iceland Limo Taxi»

Iceland is a very popular tourist destination, and it is not surprising that there is such a great demand for taxi services in the country. People come and immediately want to go to the sights of Iceland to get new experiences and enjoy their journey. In this game you will become a taxi limousine driver. This requires exceptional skills, because not everyone will be able to skillfully maneuver on such a car in the mountains, sharp turns and other uneven surfaces. How to play the game? If you are playing from mobile, use your fingers to move the elements while pressing the screen to jump up or down. But if you are playing from the computer, use the keyboard with the mouse to move the elements through the WASD keys or the arrows for directions. If you use PlayStation devices, use the Gamepad to move items through the back and forward keys or the arrows to change directions.

Watch how to play: