Hypno Bliss - PowerPuff Girls

Hypno Bliss - PowerPuff Girls

About game «Hypno Bliss - PowerPuff Girls»

PowerPuff Girls are back with us! On this nice sunny day, the girls had a legal day off and they wanted to relax and unwind. But this was not destined to happen. The filthy villain Vile again confused all the girls' plans. He took the fourth PowerPuff Girl Bliss under hypnosis and now wants to destroy the entire team of little heroines. In the game for girls Hypno Bliss - PowerPuff Girls, you will embark on an exciting journey that will lead you to a little dirty trick. At each level, you can choose any PowerPuff Girls and go on an adventure. Each of the girls has tremendous powers and can fly. Flower, Bubble and Pestle will show everyone how to punish enemies and help friends who are in trouble. On each level, you have to collect gold coins, carry huge keys and shoot powerful cannons. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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