Hero Time - Ben 10

Hero Time - Ben 10

About game «Hero Time - Ben 10»

New adventures await our teenage hero in the game Hero Time - Ben 10, in which he will need your help. Have you watched the new episodes of the animated series? Then let's play a game and experience all the adventures in reality. It so happened that Billy Billions stole Ben's van. Now, you must use the power of the Omnitrix to run, shoot, fly and fight in this extremely dangerous adventure. The game is divided into 3 chapters and each of them includes 5 levels. Each level you will pass in the form of various heroes of the Omnitrix, such as: Core, Lightning, Fire Man and others. During the game Ben 10 can collect Omnitrix icons, as well as time bonuses. Try to complete each of the levels as quickly as possible, while earning three stars. You can play this game on various devices for free. Good luck!

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