Hero Doll Shopping Costumes

Hero Doll Shopping Costumes

About game «Hero Doll Shopping Costumes»

Super Doll is one of the trendiest superhero dolls in your city! Her outfits always look flawless... After all, she probably spends a lot of money to maintain her fashion status. And you should always follow the latest trends in the fashion world! Wondering how Super Doll does it? Then join her in Hero Doll Shopping Costumes! Once again she goes shopping, but now she needs your help! Before heading to the store, make sure she has enough money to go shopping. Take advantage of the Super Doll fame to make money. Then call a taxi and go to the store. Try different superhero costumes and masks. Choose the best! And if you suddenly do not fit into the budget, come back and earn more! This game will make you have fun and feel like you go shopping with your friends, This is a good opportunity to relax after a hard day so enjoy!

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