About game «Helicopter»

Helicopter is a fun multi-level online action game in which the main character must clear a multi-story building from bandits. You have a chance to become this hero for a while and by starting a dangerous assault, show what you are capable of. A military helicopter is already ready for battle, an experienced pilot will control it, because you cannot cope without it. The helicopter will circle around the skyscraper, and you need to take turns to destroy the armed bandits who are hiding on different floors. Passing level after level and earning enough money, you can change your weapon by going to the store before the start of the next level. Each time there are more bandits and it becomes more difficult to complete the next mission, but do not despair, make only well-aimed shots and you will succeed. Keep track of the level of your life, beware of enemy bullets, try to complete as many levels as possible and feel like a winner.

Watch how to play: