Heli Defence

Heli Defence

About game «Heli Defence»

In today's game you will face an extremely important mission, because the fate of the whole country is at stake. You will need to get on a plane and climb high into the sky to carry out the order of the army commander. The flight will be very dangerous, because you are called to protect the airspace of our army, which is attacked by enemy aircraft. You will fly in the sky, and other planes will fly towards you and will try to shoot down your plane. You need to control your plane so that it shot down other planes and they could not destroy you. Also beware of tanks and other military equipment that are on land and fire on your plane. Sometimes they will use homing missiles, so you need to maneuver very skillfully in the sky to dodge them. Sometimes an armor will be sent to help you protect your plane better. Good luck!

Watch how to play: