Hair Challenge Online

Hair Challenge Online

About game «Hair Challenge Online»

Welcome to Hair Challenge Online! Today we want to make a surprise for you, lovely girls! Want to see how long your hair can grow? Then this game is for you! In this challenge, you will have a powerful test of the super long, luxurious hair that you will be trying to grow. If you don't like short hair and want to run a race for long hair then let's get started! A big adventure awaits you in which you must grow your hair as big as possible! You have to keep your hair safe and sound until the finish line, it will be a lot of fun! Pick your girlfriend who wants to grow more hair in this challenge and get started! Control your friend with the mouse and be sure to dodge scissors, razors or other sharp obstacles at the same time to bring your gorgeous long hair to the finish line safe and sound! This hairstyle race will be challenging but fun! Join others and take the challenge! Good luck!

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