Gumball Water Sons

Gumball Water Sons

About game «Gumball Water Sons»

The heat is unbearable in Elmore. You can roast in the sun in no time. The little hero Gumball stands against the heat. He takes his friend Darwin's fish and goes to cool the inhabitants of his hometown. To do this, Gumball armed himself with water balls to throw himself at people. You will play two characters: Gumball and Darwin. Gumball will throw balls, and Darwin will throw stones, destroying barriers. Clicking the mouse, set the proper trajectory and force of the blow, and with the left mouse button, make a shot. In the lower field of the application, you can see the number of water bombs and stones. You can change characters and make a real water boom! Save your friends from the heat and give them some welcome coolness on this hot day! Have a nice game! You can play it on various devices.

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