Grand Robot Car Transform 3D Game

Grand Robot Car Transform 3D Game

About game «Grand Robot Car Transform 3D Game»

In Grand Robot Car Transform 3D Game you have to meet representatives of the robot race who will inhabit our planet in the distant future. They know how to transform into sports cars and maneuver around the city at great speed. It is these abilities that will come in handy during the game. These powerful robots are called upon to fight bloodthirsty monsters. They have a huge arsenal of firearms and bladed weapons! Destroy opponents using everything that is at hand. For every monster you kill, you will receive bonus points! You can also use the dropped trophies to upgrade your character. Complete all the missions responsibly and be careful so as not to be killed by your enemies. Even if you have a good armor, it does not mean that you cannot be hurt. Be reactive and shoot at your opponents as soon as you notice them. Good luck!

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