Perfect Ninja Slices

Perfect Ninja Slices

About game «Perfect Ninja Slices»

Ninja are very agile and fast. This is why the Perfect Ninja Slices online game got its name. In it, you need to very quickly and deftly handle a knife that cuts various products into even slices. You only need to cut edible food and beware of metal and wood items. The knife will bounce off the wooden partitions and the metal surface will damage your knife. Many of you have seen how a professional chef works. He masterfully handles huge knives, chopping food into pieces of the same size. In our game Perfect Ninja Slices, you can do that too, but this is not just preparing food for cooking or serving, but a real competition for dexterity and dexterity. A whole set of tables will appear in front of you, located one after the other. On them are boards on which food products are located. Your task is to press the knife so that it goes down and cuts zucchini, eggplants, tomatoes, bread, and so on.

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