Girl and the Bear Dentist Game

Girl and the Bear Dentist Game

About game «Girl and the Bear Dentist Game»

In today's game, Masha and the Bear invite you to become a dental assistant. It will be very exciting and informative, you will see with a good example how you shouldn't do to keep your teeth in perfect order. So, Masha will be our chief dentist, she has completed a mini course in dental treatment and is ready to receive the first patient. The Bear just has problems with his teeth, he ate a whole bucket of honey yesterday and now he urgently needs the help of a doctor. But the Bear cannot come to the clinic, which means that Masha needs to go to the patient on her own. Help Masha choose the transport on which she will go. And also accompany her all the way so that she can overcome all obstacles. When Masha is there, you can start treating your teeth. Use all the tools you need to provide the help you need. When you cure the Bear, quickly go to other animals who also want to undergo dental diagnostics in order to smile at all 32 teeth. Good luck!

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