Who are the ninjas? Sometimes it seems that they are some kind of superhumans. Because their ability to suddenly disappear and also appear unexpectedly, their dexterity and vitality are simply not found in ordinary people.

Who are the ninjas?

The main characters of ninja games are unique people who, through self-improvement, lengthy training and training, have achieved such a degree of mastery in martial arts, such a level of physical fitness that many consider them not to be people at all.

There are tons of movies and TV shows, cartoons and anime about ninja. The very existence of a ninja is shrouded in mystery, and no one can say who they really are.

At their core, ninjas are spies who are specially trained to perform a special task. Most often, such tasks are associated with the killing of someone. The level of skill of the ninja should be so high that he did not make any mistakes during the execution of the task. From any mistake his life may depend.

Protagonist ninja games

In all ninja games, the main characters are ninjas. It can be a spy or an assassin, a saboteur or a scout. The birthplace of the ninja is Japan. It was in Japan that the institute of ninja training was born and developed. And later they became famous all over the world as soldiers who did not know their weaknesses and mercy, devoted to their work and going to the end, until they completed the task.

The very image of ninja games' heroes is shrouded in mystery, because no one knows for sure who these people are and what training they go through. Little is known about them, but everyone knows that ninjas can turn literally any item into their own weapons.

Traditional ninja weapons include a shuriken or a special throwing knife in the shape of a star with pointed rays, as well as kusarigama or a sickle, a scythe with a chain on the handle. Even ninjas often use a special sword with a rope on a sheath, which is called a ninja.

Ninjas also masterly use poisons: they can use deadly poisons in such unusual ways that a person can never guess which way he was poisoned.

Types and Genres of ninja games

Games of this category, of course, are represented, first of all, by games in the genre of fighting and shooting. But ninja games also include various related categories: adventure, quests, adventure, arcade games.

Ninja games in the category of logic games and puzzles are very popular. In such games, the player will not only have to solve the riddle, but also surpass the ninja in the tricks, although it is impossible to surpass the ninja.

Also, the ninja is a constant hero of numerous games of drawing and coloring. Boys love to collect ninja portraits from jigsaw puzzles.
All ninja games vary in difficulty level. If you are a fan of cartoon and anime ninja, then you can choose simple online ninja games to enjoy an interesting time together with your favorite hero. If you need adventure and exciting events, then choose serious role-playing games with the participation of the ninja: the tasks in them will be difficult and very interesting, but it will not be easy to cope with such tasks.