For many of us, it seems that chess games are not for everyone. Many people think that to learn to play chess online is given not to many, but to the most intelligent. Nevertheless, chess games have a lot of fans and admirers.

What is chess?

Chess is a board game, but it is very different from all other existing board games, because it combines science, sports and art.

They play chess games on a special board, which is divided into 64 cells using special pieces. They play chess in pairs. There is also an option when a group of players plays against one player.

The chess sessions of simultaneous play are widely known, when one player plays immediately with many opponents, moving from one chess table to another.

Chess is an ancient game, it already had fully formed rules in the 15th century. In the modern world, there are a huge number of chess games, among which are not only real chess games, but also online chess, a correspondence game, a phone game.

There are a lot of options for chess online, and they differ both in the size of the board or chess pieces, and in some differences in the rules.
Chess has a close relationship with science, as the rules of the chess game and mathematicians study some aspects of chess games.

Chess history

Scientists historians claim that chess arose at least one and a half thousand years ago. Among all the versions about where the chess games came from, the version that chess is of Indian origin is most respected. It is based on the fact that the ancestor of chess was the chaturanga game, and it was from her that Shah Khosrov I Anushirvan took the rules for playing shatrange on the Arabian Peninsula, playing xiangqi in China, playing macroruks in Thailand and playing shogi in Japan.

Modern chess is not just a game, it refers to sports in which, as in the rest, there is a hierarchy of ranks. Chess games tournaments and congresses are held regularly.

The first chess competitions in history were held in Madrid in the 15th century in the Royal Palace: then the two best chess players from Italy fought against the two best chess players from Spain.

What are the advantages of online chess games?

Of course, chess is a very difficult game. But you can learn to play, especially if you start with online chess online, where you can start with the beginner mode and gradually get to know all the rules and features of the game.

Also, chess games are suitable for those players who still do not have enough experience to compete with experienced players in tournaments, but experience must be gained. Therefore, playing against the computer in online chess is the best option.

Also, online chess games are suitable for those of you who know how and love chess, and therefore there is a need to play periodically to train the brain and not lose skills. Games of this category are made in different designs and with different levels of difficulty.