The mousecity games category contains games from the gaming site is classic and stylish as it is the oldest hosting platform for online games.

Among the oldest developers of computer games, this site is a long-liver, which has not lost its relevance to this day.

Who are Mouse City?

Mouse City belongs to the category of online escape room developers who began their existence many years ago and still remain afloat and do not lose their relevance. This developer began its existence back in 2004, at the same time a site was created, which exists and functions to this day, continuing to replenish with games. Among the games that Mouse City produces are games created by the brand's developers, as well as those created by other developers for Mouse City. One of the regular developers who has partnered with Mouse City is Selfdefiant.

A distinctive feature of mousecity games is a special graphic design that is very recognizable.

Mousecity games site sections

The developer's site mousecity games contains a variety of games in the following areas.

Escape games - this category contains games in which the plot is based on adventures. Such games are made in the genre of quests, the player must go through a series of tests and complete a number of tasks.

The point and click category contains games in which a person just needs to point the cursor at a certain point and click. These are easy-to-play games, but that doesn't mean they can't be fun.

The wonderful puzzles in the puzzle section offer you fun games in which you have to think and find the answer to the task at hand.

Games for mindfulness and ability to find details are collected in the hidden object section. Small children love to play such games, but adults sometimes want to train their attention and observation.

The most exciting are action games in which actions are constantly replacing each other, so you need to constantly act in order not to lose.

Also on the site are physics mousecity games, in which the game process is built on various physical processes and phenomena.

Mousecity games also include strategy, MMO and many others.

What are mousecity games so famous for?

All mousecity games are distinguished by the fact that they are very interesting and exciting. They are also distinguished by an interesting design, which can be called a distinctive feature of such games.

Children love these games because they are easy to operate and have an intuitive interface. In addition, all the games on mousecity games are grouped by rating level and by category. Also, those games that are the most demanded by users are highlighted in a separate section. People of all ages love to play these games.

Every person with a wide variety of interests will find games to their liking in the mousecity games category. But of all the mousecity games categories, it is quest and adventure games and strategy games that are the most famous for bringing this developer.