The inside out games category contains a collection of games based on the famous Pixar cartoon “Inside Out”.

Who is Riley and what about Inside Out cartoon?

In 2015, Pixar released a wonderful 3D cartoon called "Inside Out" on the big screens. The author of the idea for the cartoon is Pete Docter. The main character of the plot is the girl Riley. She is eleven years old, she goes to school, and in her head there are five emotions that govern her life: disgust, anger, fear, sadness and joy. It is with the help of these emotions that Riley copes with her problems and solves the problems that life throws her. According to the plot of the cartoon, viewers will be able to look into Riley's brain center, where Riley's girl's memories of everything that happened to her during the day are accumulating. In the cartoon, the memories are shaped like a glass ball of different colors, and the color of the memory matches the emotion that Riley experienced during the event, which is indicated by the memory.

This idea, underlying the plot of the cartoon, was met with interest by the developers of computer games. Very soon, a huge number of inside out games appeared, in which people of all ages play with interest.

Plots inside out games

All five emotions described in the original Riley cartoon became characters inside out games. With the help of these adorable heroes, you can not only solve riddles and puzzles. You will have the opportunity to visit Riley's brain center, put things in order there, putting all the memories in their places.

If you succeed, then Riley will be in a great mood. In the category inside out games you can find a variety of genres, familiar and favorite games "three in a row", find the hidden number, balls and other favorite games.

A huge number of games for girls have been created based on inside out games. Since emotions accompany Riley everywhere, then to the dentist's appointment, where Riley is very afraid to go, emotions will have to accompany her. And if Riley goes shopping and starts trying on one outfit after another, then emotions will simply have to improve Riley's mood.

The success and popularity of the original cartoon and inside out games

The cartoon about Riley and her emotions was met with great enthusiasm. Critics said that the cartoon shows a world that no one has seen, but everyone would really like to at least peep into it. The world of the human mind is an amazing world in which the processes that govern our life take place.

The director of the cartoon said that it was very difficult for him to work on this story. Showing two worlds at the same time - outside and inside a person - is a very difficult process even for a serious documentary film, not to mention a cartoon that should be interesting and understandable for children.

Most of the inside out games feature the original cartoon soundtrack created by Michael Giacchino, which has become his trademark. The cartoon became so popular that the first computer game based on Inside Out was released in the year the cartoon was released.