The warrior games section contains games in which the main characters are warriors.

What is a warrior?

Warriors are people who are engaged in military affairs, take part in hostilities, wars, defend cities and entire states, if a military task requires it. Also, soldiers are part of the army, serve as part of the armed forces of different states.

Warriors or soldiers have always been popular characters in literature and cinema. Their image is shrouded in the romance of victories and battles. The warrior is presented as a hero capable of any feat.

In the warrior games category, you can control the character of the game, a warrior, and take part in both single battles and whole battles.

What characters can be found in warrior games?

Over the entire period of human history, there were many types of warriors who glorified themselves with feats of arms. Many types of warriors have become firmly established in the culture of different nations and have become recognizable both in their appearance and in their deeds.

All of these types of warriors you can meet in warrior games:

- gladiators or warriors from Ancient Rome. Many stories and legends were associated with them. There are many warrior games with gladiators where you can take part in battles or in the arena.

- Janissaries or warriors from the Ottoman Empire, whom even the famous crusader knights feared. The Janissaries are nicknamed "killing machines." They were loyal to their sultan and invincible in battle.

- Kanuri warriors from Africa who helped the king of Dunam to conquer new territories. The Kanuri cavalry wore special armor that was made of cotton materials but was amazingly durable. Both warriors and horses wore this armor. By this armor, as well as by copper helmets decorated with ostrich feathers, they can be recognized.

- Mamluks or slaves of the king, who were loyal warriors of the Caliphate, cavalry and possessed a huge range of weapons.

- Musketeers of the French kings, who mastered swords and muskets masterly. It is interesting that, as a branch of the army, the musketeers first appeared in China, and only then came to Europe.

What genres of warrior games are there?

Games in the warrior games category are presented in a wide variety of genres. The most famous game in this category is the military-tactical strategy Game of Warriors, which has gained a lot of fans during its existence.

In addition to this game, there are many warrior games in the genres of fights, battles, arcades, as well as quests and adventures, defense games and many others.

For those who like creative games, drawing and coloring games are presented, where you can examine the details of the uniforms of all types of warriors. There are also certain types of dress up games for girls, where you can pay attention to the style of the warrior, choose the right outfit for him.

There are also logic games and puzzles in the warrior games genre. In these games, you have to solve a military problem. Often these are economic quests that are part of other genres of warrior games.