This category contains games in which the character interacts with a weapon. Since there are a huge number of types of weapons, there are a lot of weapon games plots as well.

What are weapons?

Objects or devices with the help of which a person can hit a living or inanimate target and which were specially designed for this or used by a person for such a purpose are weapons. Until the moment when humankind invented gunpowder, weapons were cold hand or throwing. After the invention of gunpowder, firearms appeared which became widespread.

Weapons can be military or hunting, so weapons can be used both for military operations and for hunting. And also for self-defense or security. The use of weapons does not always lead to the death of a person or other living target. There is a non-lethal weapon that only affects the target's ability to act: it can neutralize the enemy, but not kill him, can disable equipment, but not destroy it.

What weapon games do we have?

The weapon games category presents a variety of game plots: here shooters represent the main part, but there are also games of battle, fighting, hunting games. Players can find a plot to their liking. This section presents many fantastic games in which users have the opportunity to try different types of fictional space weapons in use. Such weapons do not yet exist on earth, but they are already in our weapon games.

Since the plot of weapon games can unfold in any location and at any time in the history of the world, a character in the game world can use different types of weapons. Each historical period has its own types of weapons. If the player knows about the characteristic types of weapons for a certain period of history, then it will be easier for him to navigate the game world of weapon games.

Weapon history

People invented the first weapons in ancient times. At first, man hunted and defended himself with a stone and a stick. Chimpanzees used clubs and spears as weapons for hunting. Spears are called the very first types of weapons: humanity defended itself with spears three hundred thousand years ago. Following the spears, people learned how to make stone axes, as well as arrows, whose heads were also made of stone. Also, weapons were made from bones or wood. Ancient warriors used bronze weapons - shields and swords, and in the same period they invented the first siege machines - catapults or rams.

In the Middle Ages, firearms appeared, and edged weapons became more advanced: people used pikes and daggers, swords and sabers, swords and rapiers, crossbows and muskets, squeaks and cannons in battle. During the First World War, the firearm was used very actively, it became multiply charged, machine guns and rifles appeared. At the same time, the first chemical weapons, military aircraft, tanks and naval torpedoes and mines were invented. The Second World War further improved tanks and aircraft, machine guns became much cooler, and bombs were actively used. In our time, missiles and nuclear weapons are used.