The attack games category presents games in which every player will have to experience a collision with the forces of the enemy. There will be a fight. And it is within your power to make sure that your side wins this fight.

What is an attack?

Many people think that an attack is an impulsive action of a person or group of people who are driven by the will to win. But you will be interested to know that an attack is a special military maneuver, which is not a spontaneous action, but a planned one.

When a detachment or army goes on the attack, this means that the maximum rapprochement with the enemy will occur, so that the distance between the opposing sides reduced so that the enemy can destroyed.

The attack must be decisive and coordinated. The army command thinks over the attack to the smallest detail, because with the slightest mistake, the entire army can die. Initially, when firearms had not yet been invented, armies converged on attack, armed with melee weapons. Only those types of troops that are capable of moving - tank troops, cavalry or rifle troops - can participate in the attack.

What are the types of attacks and types of attack games?

Since different types of troops can carry out the attack, then attack games divided into different types and genres, depending on which types of troops are the center of the plot of these games.

If we are talking about an infantry attack, then in such games the user must think over the attack to the smallest detail, since any mistake is fraught with human casualties. If the attack carried out by means of cavalry, then the user must understand the peculiarities of the movement and behavior of horses on the field of God.

The attack, which carried out at night, and the attack, which carried out during the day, have their differences. It is also important to distinguish between the nuances in the organization of the attack, since in different situations of battle; commanders have to make a choice between a flank attack and a frontal one, an attack from the rear and an attack from the front edge.

Weapons and vehicles in attack games

Since only in an infantry attack, the entire calculation of a commander relies solely on the strength and determination of the soldiers, in all other types of attack, the success of the event also depends on the choice of weapons and vehicles.

Therefore, in the attack games category, you can also find air attacks. If the user's choice fell on this genre of attack games, then it is important to initially undergo training in flying an aircraft, since it is important to know the features of military air transport when planning an attack.

The situation is the same with attacks and battles on the water. It is important for the user to start the game with the training mode, in which he will be able to learn all the controls of the water and underwater military transport

All attack games are strategy games and are therefore very useful for players of all ages. Such games develop logical thinking, the ability to think strategically and analyze the situation.