The destroy games category contains games in which you have official permission to destroy, break or crush something. Do it! In destroy games this is officially allowed and even encouraged.

Who likes destroy games?

If you were called "little destroyer" in childhood, and in adulthood almost nothing has changed, then the craving for destruction is in your blood. So you are created to destroy and break something, destroy it and wipe it off the face of the earth. Don't think that this is bad. There are even professions associated with destruction. No one can build a new house without first destroying the old building or crushing the ruins.

Also, destroy games may appeal to those players who, in times of emotional crises, like to punch the table or smash something. No need to break furniture or spoil objects anymore. You can just play games and relieve tension. Psychologists believe that it is much better if a person aligns his emotional background in this way than physically in real life.

What plots can be found in destroy games?

During destroy games, you can find yourself on a construction site, and then you have to destroy a wall or an entire house using special equipment. Try to do it with one or more hits, then you will get more bonus points.

And you can plunge headlong into your childhood, pick up a slingshot and break as many windows as possible. And if in childhood you were scolded for this, then in games it is not only allowed, but also encouraged, because for each broken window you will be given bonus points.

And in the destroy games category, you can learn more about what explosives are. With the help of explosives, you have to destroy not only the house, but even the whole block or city. With the help of such games, you will see what constituent buildings are, because they will collapse like a construction set.

What is destroy games criticized for?

Many people believe that playing destroy games is harmful to the human psyche, that such games make a person aggressive and prone to cruelty.

There are also psychologists who point to the benefits of such games, since the desire for destruction is inherent in every person. Sooner or later, every person in moments of emotional crisis realizes such an aspiration. Sooner or later, you will smash your plate on the floor or your own phone against the wall. But it's better if you learn how to relieve stress in the virtual game world, not in real life.

Many people think that destroying and destroying something is hooliganism and self-indulgence. But there are many professions in the world that require the skill of destruction. Specialists in the field of destruction hone their skill to mastery, because it is also necessary to be able to destroy correctly, people learn this for a long time. Imagine that in the center of the city, between two houses, the authorities decided to build a new house on the site of the old one. How to destroy the old one and not damage the houses that are very close? For this, experts in destruction are involved.