To many of you, the name of the html5 games category may seem strange. But those people who understand the intricacies of online games understand that this category includes very cool games. And the html5 games genre itself made a lot of noise in the game world with its appearance.

What is html5 games?

All know famous flash games. But when html5 games appeared on the online games market, they made serious competition to the familiar flash games.

If in order to play online flash games you need to have a flash player installed, then in order to play html5 games one browser is enough.
Something special games in this category do not stand out from a number of other online games. They are as colorful and interesting as the rest. Although it is believed that html5 games have a particularly colorful and vibrant design.

What genres are html5 games represented in?

In the html5 games genre, you can find a variety of genres. Action and racing, shooting and war games, fights and sports, as well as logical and space games.

Games in this category involve a variety of amazing stories, and it remains only to choose one thing.

Since html5 games technology simplifies the process of working on the game many times over, developers devote more time to designing the game, thinking over its plot, rather than the technical part. This is the reason that among the games in this category there are really interesting and cool games.

What are the stories and characters in html5 games?

You can choose for yourself interesting turn-based strategies in this category, or you can get carried away with racing. What kind of transport do you have to compete with? It may be the coolest car, or it may be a clumsy tractor. And you can try such modes of transport that you have never met in real life. How do you like a scorpion-based ATV? He is so much like a scorpion that he even moves and lifts his iron tail high.

And if you choose the genre of shooters for the game, then instead of a pistol or rifle you will come across an underwater gun, and then you have to shoot back from militant-minded sharks, hunt cuttlefish, and you can also hide from your pursuers behind coral.

If you choose logical html5 games for the game, then you have a wide selection of plots and heroes. In one of the games you will have to think with a strange green slug, and in another game, a strange and very angry snail will become your opponent.

If you choose coloring books or drafts for the game, then you may come across a task in which you have to color the famous paintings exhibited in museums around the world. And there is no guarantee that you will not fall for such a crime. This drawing game is a bit different from the rest. However, in html5 games it’s always like this: they are more interesting, lighter, brighter than everyone else, and are necessarily different from everyone in something.