The bart bonte games category contains games created by Bart Bonte.

Who is Bart Bonte?

Bart Bonte is a Belgian computer game designer and developer. Bart Bonte has his own blog, where he uploads his new games and tells a lot of interesting things about the world of online computer games.

His area of ​​interest also includes games for mobile platforms, so those who like to play in gadgets can find a lot of interesting things for themselves on his page.

What makes bart bonte games different?

All bart bonte games have one feature: they all have very cute graphics and minimalist design. Bart Bonte doesn't like unnecessary details. He creates his games so that nothing distracts the player from the game process.

All bart bonte games are created in bright pleasant colors. These games are not much different from many other games in the gaming world, but they have an elusive charm that makes bart bonte games unforgettable.

All games from independent developer Bart Bonte are simple in plot and design, but that doesn't mean they're easy to play. These real and very smart and challenging puzzles will take a long time to think about.

Bart bonte games are also characterized by interesting author's music, so the soundtracks for each game of the developer are unique and interesting. Also, the games of the developer Bart Bonte are distinguished by visual effects, which you will not find in any other puzzle.

What bart bonte games do we have?

Among the bart bonte games you can find games of various genres and categories.

Puzzles, of course, dominate among the games of this developer.

One of the most famous bart bonte games is Factory Balls Forever, which belongs to the genre of logic puzzles. You will be asked to work on the assembly line of a ball factory. Rearrange the balls so that they lay down in a certain order, as required by the game. Factory Balls Forever was released in 2019 but has already gained a ton of fans all over the world.

Another very famous game from this developer is green, which belongs to the category of color games puzzles. The essence of this game is to cover the entire screen in green. To do this, the player just needs to click the mouse in the right places. But doing this is not as easy as it seems, because this game is a puzzle, and the player will have to think before he can complete the task. In total, twenty-five powerful puzzles are hidden in this small and modest game, and the mechanics of these puzzles are never repeated - they are unique at each level of the game.

One of Bart Bonte's most famous games is Duck: Think Outside the Flock. It is also one of the logic puzzles in which the player has to control the rubber yellow duck to solve the proposed puzzles. All of the developer's puzzles are non-standard, so the player also needs to think outside the box to solve at least one of them.