Bart Bonte's games may be found under the bart bonte games category.

Who is Bart Bonte?

Bart Bonte is a Belgian computer game designer and developer. Bart Bonte has his own blog, where he covers a range of themes relevant to the realm of online computer games and publishes updates on his new games.

People who appreciate playing with gadgets will find plenty to keep them engaged on his page, since his field of interest also includes games for mobile platforms.

What sets Bart Bonte Games apart?

Bart Bonte's games all have one trait: they're all really cute and simple in design. Bart Bonte is irritated by unnecessary details. He creates games in such a way that nothing comes in the way of the player's enjoyment.

All of Bart Bonte's games are colorfully created. These games are comparable to many others in the gaming industry, yet they have a mysterious attraction that distinguishes Bart Bonte games.

All of Bart Bonte's games have simple narratives and designs, but that doesn't mean they're simple to play. These real-world, complex, and difficult challenges will keep you occupied for a long time.

Because Bart Bonte's games are recognized for their uncommon author's music, each of the developer's games has its own unique and intriguing soundtrack. In addition, the games of creator Bart Bonte have graphic characteristics that you won't find in any other puzzle.

What Bart Bonte games do we have?

The bart bonte games include a wide range of genres and categories.

With course, this developer's games are full of riddles. One of Bart Bonte's most well-known creations is Factory Balls Forever, a logic puzzle game.

You will be required to work on the assembly line of a ball manufacturer. As the game needs, rearrange the balls so that they fall in the proper order. Factory Balls Forever was only published in 2019, yet it already has a large following throughout the world. Green is another well-known game from this creator, and it falls under the category of color puzzle games.

The goal of this game is to completely cover the screen with green. To accomplish so, the player only needs to click the mouse in the appropriate locations. However, this is not as simple as it appears, since this is a puzzle game, and the player will have to ponder before completing the mission. This little and humble game hides twenty-five difficult riddles, and the mechanics of these problems are never duplicated - they are unique at each level of the game.

Duck: Think Outside the Flock is one of Bart Bonte's most well-known games. It's also a logic problem in which the player must manipulate the rubber yellow duck to solve the riddles. Because the developer's riddles are all out of the ordinary, the player will have to think outside the box to solve at least one of them.