A genre like multiplayer games has long ceased to be just a genre. For most fans, multiplayer games is a huge world in which a person spends as much time as in the real world, and sometimes even more.

Multiplayer games - what is it?

First you need to understand what the concept of multiplayer games implies. Based on the name, it is clear that this refers to the participation of many players during one game mode.

The history of the genre began in 1958 with the advent of Tennis for Two, but it was the online multiplayer game that began its history in 1973, when the first games like Spasim, Maze War, and Empire appeared. The debate about which of these games was exactly the first has not subsided so far.

Types of multiplayer games

Multiplayer games can be classified based on their technical implementation:

- if all the players participate in the game process from one computer, they can play simultaneously or alternately.
- if players play from different computers, then this computer connects to the same network, and then the types of multiplayer games depend on the type of connection: through ports, modem, Internet or local area network. These can be online games that connect players through their own client, browsers, and in other ways.

Also, different types of multiplayer games depend on differences in the rules:
- there are games in which the player participates in the process until he loses his life, and then transfers his control to another player,
- there are cooperative games when all players are united by a common goal - to defeat opponents from the computer side,
- there are games in which each player is for himself, his goal is to defeat everyone else,
- there are also games where teams compete with each other,
- There are games such as MMORPG, and there each player decides how to play him.

Mass multiplayer games are called network games, where many players play at once, who have the ability to interact with each other.

A network computer game where many players are active at the same time, usually having the ability to interact with each other.

Multiplayer games are exciting and interesting

After io games have gained popularity, the theme of multiplayer games does not lose its relevance, and on the Internet the most popular games are multiplayer games.

What are their advantages?

The fact is that this is not just games, but also the opportunity to communicate, make acquaintances, a chance to get into a close-knit, united team or to unite such a team around itself. Since modern serious multiplayer games most often have the ability for players to communicate with each other, players use these opportunities to communicate more actively than instant messengers on social networks. It is understandable: during the game there is a very good opportunity for the behavior of the player and his character to understand what kind of person and with what character is on the other side of the screen.