Among the huge variety of genres of computer games, one can single out a genre that is not just a game genre. These are tactical games - games which the player has the opportunity to study the features of military tactical science.

What are tactics?

People often use the words "tactics" and "strategy" together, so sometimes there is confusion about how they differ from each other.

Tactics is the science of how to organize and prepare an individual battle in a major war. Tactics can plan and organize combat by means of soldiers, ships, planes, and spaceships. All military personnel necessarily study tactics as an academic discipline. Tactics presupposes that before engaging in a battle, the commander-in-chief must plan how a detachment or army will carry out an offensive, how it will conduct its defense, how an oncoming battle will take place, and what tactical regroupings may be needed.

How is tactics different from strategy?

There is often confusion about these two concepts. If you decide to play tactical games, then you must understand that tactics considers only one battle or battle. Tactics has a set of methods that will allow you to win a particular battle. The tasks of the strategy include victory in the entire war.
It is very important for tactics to take into account the terrain in which this battle takes place. If you are starting tactical games, then you need to consider how well the terrain in which the battle will be fought can be well shot. It is important to consider each type of weapon that your army has at its disposal. Also in tactical games you should pay attention to whether the given terrain allows you to disguise fighters and military equipment. Another important element for a tactician is how defensive the terrain is. It is also important for you, as the one who carries out tactical planning, how open the terrain is for review, whether you can see all the actions of the enemy.

What kinds of tactical games do we have?

One of the most interesting and popular genres in this category is tactical shooter. Such shooters can be either first person or third person. Such tactical games are distinguished by the fact that it is not so much reaction speed and accuracy of shooting that is important for the player, but tactics of combat and caution.

Another type of tactical shooter is the tactical role-playing game or TRPG. In such games, the player, being in a role-playing game, must make tactical decisions during the battle. The difference between TRPG and ordinary classic RPGs is that in tactical games the battles are more massive, while in classic games the player controls either one character or a small group of characters. Also, the difference is that the player sees the combat situation on the map, which allows you to get a much better idea than in classic RPGs. There is a distinction between east and west TRPGs. The oriental understands tactical games that were developed in Japan. In them, the plot is more inclined towards magical events and magical worlds.

Another type of tactical games is Real-time tactics. In essence, such RTT games are simulators in which a battle takes place in real time, and the player must navigate and build tactical operations.