Tower Defense games - this is the name of the very famous and beloved by many a genre of computer games, which belongs to strategies.

What is the essence of tower defense games?

As the name of the genre already understands, the essence of this game is that the player needs to defend himself against enemies by building towers.

During the time when enemies go on the offensive, the player must build towers that will attack the enemies at the moment when they cross the map and get closer.

Both towers and opponents can be different in their level and price.

Defeating all enemies, the player receives a reward in the form of points or game money. With this money you can buy a tower or invest in their modernization.

Distinctive features of tower defense games

The main thing in such games is the towers, their varieties and their location. Since the map on which the enemies move usually has the structure of a maze, the player can reflect on the defense strategy and place towers so that the defense against the enemy is as effective as possible. But some tower defense games have a linear structure, and in them the enemy does not move through mazes, but along a direct path. There are also a number of games that provide the player with the opportunity to build towers so that they make a maze.

History of tower defense games

The ancestor of the genre is called Rampart. It was an arcade game. She was successful, so after she was transferred to all possible gaming platforms. Later, material from this game was used to create and develop games such as StarCraft and Warcraft III.

But the true calling card of the tower defense games genre is considered “Master of Defense”, which appeared in 2005 and a year later was awarded the title “Strategy of the Year”.

Among the online browser games in this genre, the most popular can be called GemCraft.

Tower defense games differ among themselves, and sometimes quite strongly.

There are types of games where, when upgrading towers, their level, range, and power immediately increase. But there are also such games in which only individually it is possible to develop and improve various parameters.

There are a lot of varieties of tower defense games: there are those where towers are part of the electronic board, they must be soldered into it during the game.

Often there is a tendency to mix this genre of games with other genres. Often, tower defense games are mixed with genres such as shooting games and games in which the player has to control some kind of transport.

There are also such games where the player does not have to defend himself with the help of towers, but attack the enemy, trying to break through his ranks.

Games of this genre develop such qualities of thinking that a person needs as the ability to think for the future, calculating the results of actions of their actions, the ability to logically build in a chain of events. And also such games develop attention, the ability to build causal relationships and spatial thinking.