Football is a legendary and world-famous sport. Millions of people love to play football, and most of them would like to be able to play not only in the real world, but also online on the Internet.

Legend game

The name of the game reveals its meaning very well. Hardly anyone needs an explanation of how to play football games. Currently, football is not only the most beloved, but also the most popular sport in the world.

You will be interested to know that the football game sounds like "association football" is the name appeared in 1863, it was invented in order to distinguish the kind of football that we all know and love, from other types of football, which at that time existed a great many – already existed, and rugby football, this name is rooted in the name of one of College Rugby, which made the rules of Rugby. Rugby football differed from other types of football by the ability to play with your hands.

Using the long name "association football" was too inconvenient, so it was gradually shortened. The name changed to assoc., and then turned into soccer, and this is how modern English call this sport today, as in many other English-speaking countries.

History of football games

In the game with the ball, humanity has played since antiquity and everywhere. The ancient Chinese played Zhu-Ke, the ancient sporstmen played Episciros, the inhabitants of Ancient Rome played Harpastum, the medieval Italians played Calcio.

When England fell in love with football games, this game managed to displace even such a beloved sport as cricket. Features of football games
The main feature of games is, of course, the presence of the ball. You can't mistake a football for anything else. Football is played on a rectangular field with natural or artificial grass. It is also mandatory to have a gate on the field, one on the side of each team.

In online video football games, everything is exactly the same as in real real football, and the team also consists of all eleven players that are necessary for football: from the captain, starting line-up and goalkeeper, defender and midfielder, striker and reserve player.

The main football organization is FIFA or the Federation Internationale de Football Association, so many games bear this name. Playing online video football games, you can take part in any football tournament on a global scale – in the FIFA championship, in the confederations Cup or in the world Cup.

Among football games there are varieties, the plot of which is a certain type of football. You can choose to play American football, you can play soccer. Thanks to the world of computer games, a person has the opportunity to try out different types of football and even become a champion.
Modern online football games are equipped with beautiful 3D graphics, give you the opportunity to take part in the coolest football Championships, act as a coach of your favorite team and implement all the tips and recommendations that you shouted as a fan in front of the screen.