Have you ever dreamed of being a hero? Are you capable of sacrificing yourself and putting all your strength into defending your Motherland or even all of humanity? There are few such people among us, and they are called heroes.

Who are heroes?

Heroes enjoy universal love and glory. And this is no coincidence. Heroes make incredible sacrifices in order to save their land from an imminent threat. But the heroes could not have done anything if they did not have the abilities and skills that set them apart from ordinary people.

Since heroes are unusual people, fairy tales and legends, novels and adventure stories are often written about them. The plots of books about heroes are always adventures, battles and victories. Ancient people composed myths and legends about heroes.

The most famous heroes in history

If you are going to play hero games, then you should find out about those to whom these games are dedicated. All the heroes, whose names went down in history, were brave and valiant people, resolutely stood at the head of the army and led the soldiers into battle as experienced commanders. There were also such heroes who stood up against the enemy force alone and defeated it.

Many heroes went down in history from ancient Greek myths and legends. We know the names of the heroes of Hercules, Achilles, Perseus and others.

Also, many games are dedicated to the heroes of various wars that took place in the history of mankind, because in such battles people showed great courage. We know the hero Spartacus, who led the gladiatorial rebellion in ancient Rome. Another famous hero was King Arthur, about whom many literary works were later written. The famous French hero Rolland was immortalized in the book. Attila, Sid, Ilya Muromets, Yoshitsune - all these heroes were born and performed their feats among different nations, and the history of mankind has forever written down their names in golden letters on the tablets.

Modern heroes are divided into those who exist in reality, and those who are fictional characters in comics, literary works and cinema. Many hero games are also dedicated to such heroes.

What hero games do we have?

All hero games necessarily include an element of combat and adventure, so the most popular genres in hero games are adventure, brawl, epic battles and RPGs.

Also, there are many heroes who became famous not only for their courage, but also for their cunning and ability to find a way out of the most desperate situations. Such heroes become characters in quest games and games in which you need to find items or exit from a certain building.

The plot of hero games can take place both in the modern world and in any historical period. Also, you can, together with your character, take part in battles on the ground and in the mountains, in the desert and underground, as well as in space and fictional worlds from books or movies.

Your character can use a huge arsenal of weapons to achieve his goal, so very often hero games combine elements of the shooting genres or the sword game genre.