This computer game burst into the industry like a whirlwind and immediately captured the minds, hearts and gadgets of all children and adults around the world.

What is minecraft?

All existing online minecraft games are created based on the original indie game, which belongs to the nonlinearity genre. The author of this game is Marcus Persson, founder of Mojang AB.

The game appeared in 2009, and its version for personal computers was released in 2011.

The essence of the game is that the character acts in a three-dimensional world, which can be modified and consists of cubes. The player can rebuild this world and create structures from cubes. This is reminiscent of the LEGO constructor.

How to play minecraft?

The character controlled by the player has no specific goals. He can engage in the restructuring of the world, research it, can look for some minerals in this world, and can also engage in battle with the enemy.

Often minecraft games has as an addition a survival game mode, creative modes that have unlimited resources.

During its existence, minecraft game was received very favorably by the gaming press and was awarded a number of titles and awards.

The characters and the design of the game itself is very recognizable, so many cartoons, series, books and comics were created based on this game. Also recognizable is the soundtrack of the game, which is easy to remember.

Minecraft is the best-selling game in the history of computer games, with 112 million players playing it regularly.

A lot of videos are created based on this game, where users share their experience of passing minecraft games.

Online minecraft games

Based on the game Minecraft created a lot of online videos minecraft games, which are represented by a variety of genres. Since the minimalistic design of the game is very memorable, minecraft drawing and coloring are very successful.

Minecraft games are also presented as standard arcade and shooting games, as well as quests.

There are a lot of minecraft games for the smallest, where kids can make puzzles of pictures with their favorite Minecraft heroes, as well as develop creative abilities during the game.

The original Minecraft game allows you to play both in single-player mode and in multiplayer. In the second case, players interact with each other via the Internet and share the gameplay.

Minecraft games are very popular among mobile device users. The first game for mobile devices appeared back in 2011 and was called Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Now the mobile video game market is simply flooded with free online minecraft games for a variety of tastes.

Minecraft is on the list of 50 games that help pass the time during the working day - the game takes fourth place in this list. The prestigious “GG Awards” was awarded to the game in 2010 in the nomination “Best Downloadable Game”. The game also won such prestigious awards and awards as the Kids ’Choice Awards, and it was also awarded the title“ Takeoff of Generation ”according to the version of Igromania magazine.