The panda games category contains games, the main character in which are wonderful and very cute panda animals.

Who are pandas?

The panda is also called the bamboo bear. This is an amazing and very beautiful animal. It is distinguished by its laconic contrasting color, so you can distinguish a panda from any other bear. Yes, the panda does not look like a bear, but more like a raccoon, especially in size.

The panda is not so easy to find in its natural habitat. Pandas live only in China, and these animals have even been placed on the national emblem of China.

Kung Fu Panda

Online panda games gained great popularity after the cartoon "Kung Fu Panda" was released on the screens of cinemas. This happened in 2008, and then the cute panda bear, very clumsy and clumsy, became a favorite of the whole world. Po panda bear is still the most famous panda bear in the world.

His story revolves around learning kung fu at a panda school. Everyone in this school laughed at him, because his sluggishness and stupid appearance created a disservice to him. But as soon as panda Po showed himself in a serious alteration, standing up to protect the weak, many kung fu teachers drew attention to him. Over time, from just a noodle peddler, Po bear will turn into a real kung fu master.

What panda games do we have?

Several cartoons have been filmed about Po bear. Therefore, panda games in many ways repeat the plots of these cartoons.

In addition to this story, the heroes of panda games can be just pandas who are not heroes of some cartoons. There are many different games where the main characters are such funny black and white bears.

Most often, panda games are presented in the genre of fights and martial arts. You can also find shooting games where pandas will shoot not from weapons, but using a variety of objects.

There are also games in the arcade maze genre, where pandas need to find a way out of the cage, and at the same time collect bonuses and defeat all enemies.

If panda games are based on the cartoon "Kung Fu Panda", then a mixture of fighting, shooting and adventure games will represent the genre of this game.

Until now, the popularity of the cartoon does not fade away: a huge number of online games have been created, but every year more and more new options appear.

A lot of panda games have also been developed for girls: you can create an outfit for a cute bear in a dress-up game, you can come up with a new image for him in a drawing game, you can make a portrait of him from puzzles, you can meditate on a logic puzzle with the panda. Or you can work together with Poe in a cafe, where you will cook noodles for visitors. Such games are presented in the culinary games section. There are tons of different games among games, so you can easily choose something suitable for yourself.

One of the most beloved panda games is the game about three little pandas who constantly have some kind of trouble.