The stacking games category contains games where each player can add cubes or other different parts to make a structure, tower or house.

Stacking games - favorite games for young children

Every childhood starts with stacking games. If you saw how the baby plays, then you noticed that the youngest children are very fond of adding some incomprehensible structures from cubes or other parts. Many people carry this children's entertainment with them into adulthood. Such people choose for themselves the profession of a builder, architect, designer.

If you like to put together a variety of structures from parts, then games is just for you.

If you analyze the games in the stacking games category, you can see that only games made in a special design are presented here. Geometric shapes and simple subjects are used here. All games are made in bright and pleasant colors, there is no action or dark theme.

What is the use of stacking games?

Psychologists believe that games have a pacifying effect on a person who, performing monotonous work, putting together different details, calms down and puts his emotions in order.

It is very useful for a person's psychological state to at least sometimes disconnect from problems and search for their solutions. At such moments, it is better to choose an activity such as stacking games. During such games, you do not need to think about anything, you just perform simple operations, while your brain is resting.

Psychologists also believe that games have a positive effect on a person's attention, develop his sense of space, a sense of harmony. For artists and sculptors, these games are an excellent spatial thinking trainer. Also, such games can be useful for schoolchildren who are just starting to learn geometry.

Tetris is the most famous representative of stacking games

The most famous representative of stacking games is Tetris. This popular game was invented by a Russian programmer a very long time ago, back in the last century, but still has not lost its popularity. Tetris combines games and puzzle elements.

The essence of this game is simple: you have to move and unfold different figures falling from the top of the screen so that they lie down, forming solid rows. If there are no empty spaces in the resulting row, then such a row will be reduced, and the player will receive additional bonus points.

Many Tetris fans laughingly noticed that after they spend some time playing a game, the whole world begins to appear to them as one playing field of Tetris, and the people and objects around them are figures that need to be rearranged so that they occupy a place in an optimal compact way in space.

This indicates how a person's perception of the world around him changes after games adjust his brain in a different way. A person begins to perceive the surrounding space in a different way, spatial thinking is activated in him. This is very useful for representatives of different professions, especially those who are engaged in creativity.