Scary games are games which scary. These are representatives of the horror genre. The most famous game in this genre can be called Stay Out of the House or Faith.

What scary games scare?

Scary games are designed so that everything in them scares the player. In order to catch the player with a sense of horror, in such games everything is aimed: both design, and music, and the whole atmosphere, and the atmosphere of the game.

Your character will not be able to defeat all those monsters who will attack him from every angle. He can only try to hold out as long as possible. More often than not, the poor hero of the game has only fast legs and a sense of self-preservation as a means of defense. But sometimes, with luck, on the way he will acquire weapons.

To withstand such games is psychologically very difficult. Few people can resist all the frightening details of the game. Often scary games are associated with mysticism, so only people with strong nerves can perceive such games calmly. But judging by the growing popularity of games in recent years, there are more and more such people.

Stories in scary games

Most often people learn terrible stories from books. Horror writers began creating their creepy worlds long before the movie industry drew attention to them. The gaming industry turned its attention to the scary games genre after horror films began to gain popularity around the world.

For horror films, scary games have adopted the main thing: the principle of instilling fear at once due to all the components of the game.

Especially frightening is the fact that absolutely nothing depends on you as a player: you do not affect the events in the game, evil rock hangs over you, and you just need to try to survive, every second literally dying of horror.

Design by scary games

The scary games design works entirely at your own risk, so gloomy tones prevail. Although there are exceptions: in some games, the designers recreated a very sweet and even pastoral picture, but this is no less terrible, because really nice things happen when you don’t expect them at all against the backdrop of the lovely landscape.

Also thought out are the rooms in which the hero of the game operates. It can be houses or abandoned buildings, but for games to justify their name completely, all rooms are made in the form of labyrinths, from which it is very difficult to get out. A player in such a maze constantly needs to look around, because danger can await them around every corner.

Most often, in scary games, the mechanics are pretty simple, because it does not play a special role. They come to scary games to tickle nerves. Such games can be performed in different genres. Most often these are quests, but there are also shooting games and RPG games. Lovers of horror also love logic games in the genre of scary games, because for true connoisseurs of the genre it will be interesting to think about terrible riddles and puzzles. Moreover, the plot of such games most often also contains some kind of riddle or secret that the main character must solve.