By its popularity, the survival games genre can compete with such genres as strategy and war games. Its popularity is due to the fact that always the main purpose of human life was to survive in the changing conditions of existence.

Survival games are very addictive, players of this genre can not tear themselves away from the game process until the main task of the game - to survive - is completed.

Features survival games

The acute problem of survival is based on the fact that such games are always filled with a variety of problems and tests that the protagonist must overcome. Throughout the entire process of the game, the player is busy looking for, together with the character he controls, a solution to the problem.

A feature of such games is that the character will not be able to survive if he does not explore the world around him properly. The character must look around well, examine the world in which he finds himself, to find out what is in this world. The character must study all his finds in the game world and find out how these finds can help him survive. Often, among such finds there are tips to help deal with the problems that this game poses for the character.

Types of survival games

There are a lot of representatives of the survival games genre, and among them there are legendary specimens. The plots of such games can be very diverse. The place of action of the game can be planet earth at the most different stages of its history, and space, as well as fantasy worlds from fantastic works and films.

For example, in Frostpunk, the action takes place in a world that is all covered in ice. This game represents the genre of urban development simulator, in it the player will not only have to build a city in the middle of the crater of an extinct volcano in which people can survive, but also properly manage this city so that people do not freeze in it.

In the game Subnautica, the action takes place in the underwater world, and the player controls a makeshift submarine that swims among such bizarre underwater landscapes that, in addition to the interesting gameplay, the player also admires the beauty of the surrounding underwater world.

Among the best representatives of the genre of survival games is often called Outward. In this fantasy RPG game, the player has to survive in a fantasy world. Here, the world itself is alien and full of dangers for the character, but it also contains strange monsters who strive to attack the player all the time.

The most famous representative of the genre of survival games is the well-known Minecraft, which also provides a survival mode.

Common genre

Almost all computer games have a survival element to one degree or another, since even the very principle that the player seeks to hold out until the end of the game is the principle of survival.

But most clearly this principle is implemented in survival simulators. Such games are also divided into genres according to their plots: they can be horror games, roguelike.